Student Protection Plan

FDSV Student Protection Plan (SPP) for the transfer of language students who are unable to continue their language course due to the insolvency of a member company of the inbound section of FDSV.

Objective of FDSV-SPP

In the case of insolvency the inbound members safeguard each other as well as each others’ language students in the form of a negotiated agreement on the basis of mutual trust.

The FDSV along with its members intends to give agency partners as well as direct clients the guarantee that if they have booked and paid for an 18-plus course with one FDSV member school, that the course will be transferred to another FDSV member if the former goes into insolvency.

Conditions – Components of the FDSV-SPP

In the case of a language travel booking to Germany having been made with an FDSV member, whereby the hosting organisation is subject to insolvency, then the FDSV inbound members commit themselves to absorbing the damage experienced by the language student to the best of their ability.

The FDSV member organisations are expected to support the language students by offering alternative language programmes subject to availability, with the goal of enabling the language students to continue the programme booked in Germany.

The following general conditions apply to the FDSV-SPP:

  • It applies to all language courses for adults above 18 years of age. It does not apply to accommodation or to other travel components.
  • The location of the hosting organisation may differ from the location of the original organisation chosen.
  • The language student must have already begun the language course in Germany and must be able to produce both proof of payment as well as booking confirmation.
  • This mutual safeguarding service is offered exclusively within the FDSV to the fellow member organisations.

Furthermore, the FDSV along with its member organisations will endeavour to support language students in solving problems, such as looking for new accommodation.

Commitments of the FDSV Member Organisations

The transfer of language students will be handled by the FDSV member organisations on a voluntary basis and on condition of availability. of free capacities.

The transfer agreement applies solely to the portion of the language course which has already been paid up and only to the language students who had already begun their programme in Germany at the point in time where the member organisation became insolvent.

If the agency or the direct student have not yet made the payment for the programme, then it is not possible for the students to be transferred.

The replacement school is not responsible for fees outstanding such as commission receivables payable to the intermediary agency.

The member organisations are not liable to take on any legal or financial commitments whatsoever over and above the said transfer of the language student.

The language courses may be carried out in the form of both on-site as well as online or hybrid courses.

The objective is to place the language students in the same category of course as the one which was originally booked. If this is not possible then an alternative course will be offered.

The principal goal of our endeavours is to ensure that all language students are provided with a successful language travel programme. The original chosen destination plays only a secondary role in these considerations.

All endeavours of the FDSV member organisations are subject to the assumption of availability of suitable and appropriate language courses.

Berlin, December 2020