If you are looking for a certain type of course and would like to know which language schools and tour operators offer suitable options, simply enter your search criteria, and our “Language-Stay Finder” will do the rest! The Language-Stay Finder helps you search through the vast array of certified language-stay programmes from FDSV members and find the course you want based on certain criteria.

Then, from the list of results, a mouse click is all it takes to access the detailed descriptions of the appropriate offers on the websites of the respective language schools and tour operators.

No matter what type of language stay you choose, you should always book through a high-quality language school or tour operator. Language-tour operators only work with the highest-quality schools and programmes and are able to accurately assess their customer’s needs and offer professional advice. Moreover, a tour operator in your home country is a competent partner who can help defend your interests in the event of a conflict.

Take advantage of the tour operators’ advisory services and find the language stay that best suits your needs and interests.