Language Stays

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A language stay is the perfect travel option for anyone interested in combining learning with pleasure. What better way is there to learn a new language or improve your language skills while getting to know a country and its people? Language stays are suitable for travellers of all ages who are open-minded and interested in other cultures and languages. There is no upper age limit, which is why language stays have also become a very popular form of travel among older adults.

Furthermore, the requirements of schools, universities and employers are constantly evolving. In this context, language proficiency and practical international experience are becoming increasingly important. Be it as a kickstart and motivation boost for a child’s language classes at school, as a stepping stone for preparing or qualifying for a certain career or simply as a meaningful way to spend a holiday, language-stay programmes can be rewarding and valuable experiences for adults and young learners. And with our Language-Stay Finder you will have no problem finding the right language-stay programme for you.

Today, language stays are increasingly viewed as a lifestyle product that satisfies our desire for meaningful travel experiences by offering an ideal combination of personal development, interesting acquaintanceships and various sports and cultural activities. Language stays also offer a perfect travel format for solo travellers because, after you arrive, it is easy to make contact with like-minded people from around the world and team up with them for interesting tours of discovery.

No matter what type of language stay you choose, you should always book through a high-quality language school or tour operator in your home country. Tour operators only work with the highest-quality schools and programmes and are able to accurately assess their customer’s needs and offer professional advice. Moreover, a tour operator in your home country is a competent partner who can help defend your interests in the event of a conflict.

In terms of teaching methods, accommodations, on-site supervision and extracurricular activities, language stays for adults differ greatly from the language-stay programmes offered for young learners. This is why these two types of language stays are covered in separate sections of our website.

Enjoy immersing yourself in the adventure of language-learning!