• Provision of all travel documents, e.g. coach, train, ferry or airline tickets with the corresponding timetables, contact information and emergency phone numbers for the language school and accommodation site, information on the supervision of young learners and data sheets with information on the host country, including tips on what to expect
  • High-calibre and appropriately trained personnel from the respective home country and abroad
  • Appropriately trained and qualified language teachers
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • At least fifteen 45-minute lessons per week or 11.25 total hours
  • A maximum of 15 participants per course; mini-groups with a maximum of 8 participants
  • Placement tests for adults and young learners
  • Homogeneous learning groups
  • Separate classes and leisure-time activities for adults and young learners
  • Certificate of course attendance or completion, or written assessment
  • Routine inspection of all offered accommodation sites
  • Supervised programme of leisure activities for young learners included in the travel package
  • For adults: option of booking a programme of leisure activities

The catalogues and websites provide clear information about the following:

  • Terms and conditions of participation
  • Services included in the price
  • Optional services that can be booked
  • Means of transport (outward and return journey) as well as local transfers
  • Training and qualifications of the language teachers
  • Course prerequisites
  • Mix of nationalities and age distribution of the participants
  • Equipment used in the classrooms
  • Types of accommodations and meals, including the associated standards
  • Maximum number of language students per host family and number of guests per family who speak the same language
  • Distance between the accommodation site and the school
  • Travel accompaniment and programme of leisure activities
  • Certificate of course attendance or completion, or written assessment

Download the complete list of FDSV Quality Guidelines here:
FDSV Quality Guidelines