Kristina Schimmeyer has been a board member of FDSV since 2019. She is CEO of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg which offers German mini-group courses and individual classes for language learners. She will be representing the voice of the FDSV language schools while focusing on networking in the German language school industry. She finds it really important to make a statement on the advantages of the FDSV quality seal. She is Chair of the FDSV Board of Directors since 2022.

Alberto Sarno was born in Rome and has been the Managing Director of the company Sprachcaffe since 1983. Sprachcaffe is a German language-tour operator with its own schools and offices around the world. One of the key priorities in his work for the FDSV is the internationalisation of the Association and the entire industry – because language learning breaks down barriers. He has been a member of the FDSV Board of Directors since 1995.

Silvia Schröder is passionate about travelling, getting to know other cultures and learning new languages. During her sabbatical, she realized that being in touch with the locals was what really made her travels special. As a result, she founded a charity project which then became lernen & helfen Sprachreisen. Since the foundation in 2003, the language-tour operator has succesfully combined environmental sustainibility with its business goals and made its tours a genuine enrichment for all stakeholders. Thus Silvia Schröder aims to share her knowledge about social sustainbility and environmental awareness with all members of the Association. She is member of the FDSV Board of Directors since 2022.

Julia Richter has been working as the Managing Director of the FDSV since 2012. Over 25 years she has gained experience in various management positions in the language travel industry, which she brings into play at the FDSV. She has continuously expanded the association, founded the incoming pillar and introduced the quality seal according to the European language travel standard DIN EN 14804. Since she was able to gain experience abroad through various programs over several years, she is keen to pass her enthusiasm on to other interested language students. A special concern of hers is also the quality development and the internationalization of the association.

honorary members

Prof. Dr. Elke Platz-Waury

Until 2015 she was a member of the scientific advisory board of FDSV. She was professor for Applied Foreign Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies in the study courses Tourism Business Administration and International Business Administration at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences with a focus on the Anglo-American and Francophone world. Prof. Platz-Waury is a long-standing expert for DIN Certco Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH and in this capacity, together with experts in the language travel sector, has laid the foundation for the certification of numerous language travel operators and their international partners according to the European standard DIN EN 14804. She was also a regular speaker at the annual Berlin Workshop of ICEF Connect – Recruit – Grow.

Prof. Dr. Konrad Schröder

From 1981-2015 he was member and speaker of the scientific advisory board of FDSV. He was full professor for English didactics at the University of Augsburg and guest lecturer at the Universities of Regensburg, Pittsburgh and Chabarovsk as well as study tour leader (operational areas Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Yugoslavia). Prof. Dr. Konrad Schröder was co-founder of the Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen and Federal Chairman of the Fachverband Moderne Fremdsprachen FMF.

Dr. James Bryden Holmes Swift

He was chairman of the FDSV from 1988-1999. James Swift was working at that time for LAL Sprachreisen, a language travel company within the FTI group.

Klaus Vetter

From 1989-1991 he was deputy chairman of the FDSV. Klaus Vetter was a member of the management of Studiosus Reisen GmbH and was responsible for the company’s language travel product line.

former members of the FDSV Board of Directors

Peter Schuto, chairman 2013-2022

Christopher Thebing, chairman 2012-2014

Heiner Giese, chairman 2000-2012 / deputy chairman 1999-2000

Dr. James Bryden Holmes Swift, chairman 1988-1999

Peter-Michael Wallenborn, chairman 1983-1988

Dieter Borchers, chairman 1982-1983

Dr. Josef Steinfels, chairman 1977-1982 / deputy chairman 1982-1988

Joachim Pitsch, deputy chairman, 2000-2012 / 2nd deputy chairman of the association 1988-1989; 1999-2000

Klaus Vetter, deputy chairman, 1989-1991

Manfred Ehrich, deputy chairman, 1988-1989

Friedrich Liesen, deputy chairman, 1980-1982

Fritz-Willy Henk, deputy chairman, 1977-1980

Constanze Sietz, 2nd deputy chairwoman, 2012-2019

Thomas Meier, 2nd deputy chairman, 2001-2012

Stefan Helmut Lamberti, 2nd deputy chairman, 2000-2006

Alberto Sarno, 2nd deputy chairman, 1989-1992

Dr. h. c. Werner Kubsch, 2nd deputy chairman 1980-1988

Walter Kiefer, 2nd deputy chairman, 1977-1980